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We meet your business needs in the following areas

Advanced Web Application

We design and build a fully functional Web Application that will meet Your business requirements and will result into better organization, marketing and profits.

Simple Website Page

A website that will convey the keynote of your business and provide the possibility of reaching customers more widely.
The website will be adapted to future expansion.


Use WEB 3.0 solutions in your company:
- Get capital for investments
- Loyalty programs
- Concluding contracts
- Authenticity Certificates NFT

Technologies we use

Bestsofthouse Team

Filip Parzych
Spiritus Movens
Wiktor Mościcki
Community & Marketing /
Szymon Mazurek
Wordpress Specialist
/ Frontend
Marketing & Inwestor /
Patrycja Parzych
Frontend / UX & UI

Road-Map Bestsofthouse

Our purpose is to create a fully functioning softwarehouse specializing in projects based on blockchain technology. The way in which the Bestsofthouse is run draws from the ​​DAO idea.

We have created the BSHcoin token, which is widely used in the company (about token). In purpose to be easy getting to ours the audience was created a website of the project Bestsofthouse and SocialMedia profiles, such as: Telegram, Twitter, YouTube. To interest our idea and design, we wrote potential investors Whitepaper, which explains the issues related to the BSHcoin Token in an accessible way.

We are currently completing CoreTeam and preparations for pre-sale BSHcoin in Poland - 01/08/2022.

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